Pool Management packaging rental and flows management

Users of durable packaging are frequently faced to specific problems. Our company is here to provide them with adapted, experienced and reliable solutions to each peculiar need.


If investing in packaging is not part of your strategy or if you do not have the financial capacity for it :

- the duration of your need is limited,

- you do not have the capital investment budget,

- you do not know how many packaging you would need and for how long,

- your company's needs are urgent and having equipments manufactured would take too long,


Pool Management is proposing RENTAL.



Flows Management

You want to benefit from external know-how in terms of packaging returns monitoring, maintenance, follow-up of stock situations and availability of containers , pallets and boxes ;

you want to share the profit of mass transportation and logistic operations grouping through a pool effect,


Pool Management is proposing FLOWS MANAGEMENT.




If you do not have the equipment to maintain your packaging, Pool Management is proposing  MAINTENANCE   with its repair shop for metal containers and its state of the art cleaning equipment for plastic boxes .



POOL MANAGEMENT was created in 1995 with the objective of developping all those services that would optimize the use of durable packaging.

When faced to unusual situations, our experience of practical problems and our inventiveness lead to customized solutions.



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