A full range of industrial packaging

Our containers and boxes comply with standards usually referred to in many industries. They have been recommended and tested by main users.

POOL MANAGEMENT has defined its range of products in order to cover most of your needs.

We are currently offering three types of packaging :

  • Metal  containers
  • Plastic boxes and their accessories
  • Pallet-boxes

Immediate availability of packaging

POOL MANAGEMENT permanently maintains a stock of equipment allowing for a high degree of reactivity in emergency situations.


Short period or long term rental

Whatever the duration of your need, a few days or a few years, POOL MANAGEMENT rents its equipments either for undefined or for minimum period of time and offers maximum flexibility.



Pure rental and additional services

With "pure" rental, POOL MANAGEMENT delivers the packagings on demand and collects them back as soon as the need disappears.



According to specific requests, POOL MANAGEMENT develops additional services such as maintenance, cleaning, flows management, transportation, etc...




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