COGITExpert in fleet management and rental of reusable transport bins

COGIT, its teams and partners support you in optimising and managing your logistics flows.
In order to offer you a complete and personalised service, the COGIT team includes experts in each field: professional engineers, project managers, buyers and suppliers.
Thanks to these many services, COGIT is a great source of ideas for managing the logistics of your packaging: use of software for processing logistics flows and transport bins (Jawacs®), operational management of flows, rental of reusable packaging, etc.
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The power of an industrial groupwith the flexibility of a small company

Thanks to the companies of the Alizon group, we can offer you various services.
The Alizon group is a conglomerate of service providers for communities and manufacturers. We were able to expand quickly and in a healthy manner using 2 key levers: organic growth and external growth boosted by unique, strong shareholding. This structure gives the group’s entities a long-term vision centred on industry and belonging, with streamlined decision-making processes, bolstered by investments in 3 key areas: employees, companies and buildings.
Within the industrial business sector, COGIT and its sister companies Steelplast Evolufil and Alizon Industrie, combine their know-how and skills to provide a unique, all-encompassing service. These companies complement each other and work together to offer you comprehensive solutions, assisting you with the specifications, the acquisition or rental methods and even end-of-life management for your materials.
You’re guaranteed solutions that are fast, custom-made and fully adapted to your needs, plus a single point of contact to manage all of your services. We strive to become the ultimate facility manager for all your purchasing, technical and maintenance services. Your personal point of contact manages the customisable services from the various companies, drawing on the skills of the experts from each entity. This saves time searching for and selecting the most suitable and comprehensive solution, so both you and your internal customers benefit from a responsive and professional service.

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Increase the efficiency of your supply chain without affecting your investment capacity thanks to the rental offer from COGIT.

A wide range of short and long term rentals
Fleet management


After Sales Service

Design office

The Steelplast Evolufil design office will assist you with the specifications to the design of your sustainable packaging.
Standard packaging
Specific packaging


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Expert in the sector of packaging supply and systems, Alizon Industrie has:
More than 26,000 references
Standard, customised and personalised products
Local experts at your service to audit, advise and optimise your purchases

Excellent service with a customer focused QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) policy.

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy awarded GOLD since 2016 for the ALIZON Group (74/100 for 2022).

Support for the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact since 2008.