RFID Packaging TraceabilityA major pillar of optimised fleet management

COGIT has its own packaging traceability software, designed in-house: Jawacs®. Thanks to RFID technology on reusable packaging, traceability is even easier and shared supply management is more efficient!
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Traceability: how does RFID work?

The containers have two labels with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips and are read by portals or by operators equipped with PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant).

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Delivery to factories and producers to fill the containers

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Delivery to the distribution centre

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Delivery to subcontractor factories and stores

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Return to the distribution centre

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Sorting, cleaning and repairs

Portal: one of the tools used for traceability

Portals are ideal for traceability in logistics warehouses. Thanks to the automatic detection of the chips directly integrated into the containers, logistics flows are facilitated and packaging traceability with RFID is fast. Each portal is equipped with 5 IER 765 sensors, RFID totem:

3rd generation reading point:

Designed in co-innovation with our customers

  • Quick passage
  • Large width/height
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Fast installation
  • Modular


  • Read-on-demand
  • Detection of direction of passage

Reads up to 800 tags per passage

This is where the Jawacs® processing application comes in: it allows you to know immediately where the container is located. Its real-time alert system transmits additional information: a container that is needlessly on downtime or even lost? Different users have access to this information and are able to intervene quickly and efficiently: subcontractors, warehouses, stores and POS suppliers.


In 2020, through its parent company “Alizon”, COGIT acquired the Jawacs® traceability software through the purchase of the COGIT LGC company. Historically based in Bordeaux, Cogit first developed in the agri-food sector, then diversified into other industries such as the automotive sector, then logistics and transport.

Jawacs® traceability software?

Jawacs® is an intelligent software package that uses RFID reading input data to track the history of packaging locations. The software, by learning internal and external flows, is able to optimise them to reduce evasion, loss and downtime of containers. The company has 10 years of experience working with leading companies in the retail, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, and more. Our teams, with our deployed Jawacs® solutions, have successfully integrated over a billion readings to date and are now integrating between 250 and 500,000 RFID readings per day throughout the year.

What does Jawacs® make possible?

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Check receipt

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Monitor stocks as closely as possible

Un logiciel qui a fait ses preuves

Control loads and reduce the risk of human error

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Prevent packaging loss and downtime

Un logiciel avec une forte capcité de traitement

Adjust packaging fleet

Un logiciel avec une forte capcité de traitement

Optimise rotations and flows

They Trust Us

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“Through the ‘La Consigne by Valrhona’ project, the company launched in 2021 a delivery system for reusable plastic containers. VALRHONA decided to get involved in this project with the ALIZON group, for its expertise in the field of traceability. Their information system is helping us move towards a more sustainable industry, because it allows us to take full responsibility for waste by offering our customers their chocolate drops in the circular economy. The ALIZON group, by providing a daily file containing all required information on the location of the bins and their history, allows our company to accelerate the processing of the bins by avoiding unnecessary communications.”

Optimisation of containers and environmental benefits: testimonial from our client Auchan on reusable containers

Philippe MAHE, logistics manager at AUCHAN France

“We set out to reduce packaging waste. We wanted to introduce a reusable container solution. We started a discussion in partnership with COGIT, IER and Auchan and the best solution was the implementation of monitoring using RFID technology. It’s a wonderful project that will continue to progress.”